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About Synchronistic:
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Company Profile

Synchronistic provides a range of services to the IT industry specialising in the areas of Enterprise and Information Engineering.

Synchonistic’s main focus is to help clients overcome the many and varied challenges they may experience through their business and information systems.

These challenges can include high-level activities such as strategic planning and addressing the human aspects of introducing or changing systems, through to low-level activities such as debugging code, tuning databases for performance or managing the day-to-day hardware and software maintenance routines.

Founded in 1985, under the name of IZIA Pty Ltd, Synchronistic has consistently developed expertise with products and methodologies to ensure the development of applications is more rigorous, maintainable, and reusable.

Synchronistic expertise
Commercial and government organisations use Synchronistic’s products and consulting services to accomplish:

      - Enterprise client/server development
      - Business reengineering
      - Data architecture planning and management
      - Data and systems reverse engineering
      - Data warehouse planning and implementation
      - Enterprise architecture planning
      - Quality rapid application development
      - Strategic information systems planning
      - Packaged software evaluation, selection, and implementation
      - Migration to object-oriented technologies

Synchronistic will become a household name due to its simple approach to problem solving.

To find out how Synchronistic can help you, contact Harry Giezen on:
+61 3 9449 2495 or