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About Synchronistic:
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Synchronistic’s business and information engineering consulting practice is growing.

Leading government and commercial organisations are looking to Synchronistic for consulting support in areas such as:
      - data architecture,
      - data warehousing,
      - enterprise client/server development,
      - strategic information system planning, and
      - business process reengineering.

If you are a professional with experience (contractor or permanent employee), preferably familiar with CASE tools, and able to develop innovative solutions to complex business and IT challenges, send your letter of interest and resume to:
Fax: +61 3 9449 2498

Your career with Synchronistic
A career with Synchronistic provides:
  1. The opportunity to work as a management consultant with government and major corporations in retail, financial services, manufacturing, utilities/energy, agriculture, and telecommunications.

  2. An intellectually challenging and demanding environment where you will learn and become an expert in innovative management and information technology solutions.

  3. Unlimited opportunity to develop professionally and to contribute to Synchronistic, both technologically and in the marketplace.

The people we require must have the ability to interact and relate with all levels of the client organisation.

A friendly, outgoing personality is essential and an analytic ability to solve complex problems is required.

You must be willing to take the initiative to search for hard-to-find solutions. Managing a consulting engagement is complex. You must be organised and able to organise others for maximum effectiveness.

Your career as a Project Manager with Synchronistic
A position as a project manager gives you responsibility for the performance of all activities needed to complete a defined scope of work for a client.

This includes planning and making sure adequate resources are available for completing the scope of work to meet the expectations of the client.

Requests for additional staff are be made to the Client Manager, who in turn will request staff from the Managing Principal(s).

It is the project manager’s responsibility to provide performance feedback directly to those members working on the project and for providing input to the Managing Principal on a periodic basis, at the end of each project, or when a member of the team is reassigned to another client.

Project team members are responsible to the project manager to complete their assigned work to the satisfaction of the client and project manager.

Contact Synchronistic employment
Send your resume and letter of interest to:
Fax: +61 3 9449 2498